Statement of Qualifications



CET’s asbestos abatement professionals have completed over 10,000 successful abatement projects since 1988.  The projects have entailed all types of materials requiring abatement including, but not limited to, sprayed-on acoustic ceilings, sprayed-on fireproofing, vinyl asbestos floor tile and mastic, linoleum, roofing materials, sheetrock, heating duct, pipe insulation (TSI), including underground pipe, and boiler insulation.  All CET’s workers and supervisors are Union trained by independent AHERA certified training centers. Laborers typically average over five years experience and supervisors typically over ten.   


All workers and supervisors are trained and certified for lead abatement and are registered with DHS.  Abatement procedures include hand scraping, HEPA planing, media blasting, chemical stripping, needle guns and scarifying. The care in which these techniques are employed on architectural components such as doors, stair railings and windows sets CET apart.


The health effects and legal ramifications of airborne molds and fungi are major issues. CET provides the HazMat mold abatement procedures required in healthcare and educational facilities. 


CET is unusual amongst demolition contractors in that we self-perform abatement, concrete cutting, and coring. The customer benefit is sole responsibility for all demolition tasks and one set of contract documents and one crew to oversee for their demolition scope.



To increase efficiency and safety, CET owns and operates our own fleet of dump trucks, roll off trucks and waste bins. We are a licensed hazardous waste hauler and carry $2 million of insurance with an additional $8 million of umbrella coverage.  We provide construction debris bin service to other contractors in Santa Cruz & Monterey counties


COASTWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  (CET) was formed in 1988 with the express purpose of abating asbestos and lead containing building materials in the central and northern California coastal counties.

Coastwide’s professionalism increased demand for our services, leading to a major presence in abatement contracting with city and county governments, military installations, public utilities, universities, community colleges, public schools and industry.

Our scope of services has expanded over the years to become a one stop demolition shop providing abatement, selective demolition, concrete coring & cutting and building wrecking.

Much of our core staff has been with CET for over twenty years. That continuity of service matches the long-term relationships we have with our General Contractor and building owner customers. We manage the business for the long term and treasure the many long-term customers that rely on us.

Over the years our service area has expanded from the Monterey Bay area in the central coast down to San Louis Obispo, to the greater San Francisco Bay area and to the central valley.

One thing that has remained constant is our goal of providing high quality work, exceptional cleanliness, and close cooperation with our customers.