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COASTWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (CET) was formed in 1988 to abate asbestos containing building materials in the central and northern California coastal counties. Over the years, CET expanded its services to include lead paint abatement, mold remediation, contaminated soil removal, PCB disposal and fluorescent lamp recycling, HEPA cleaning and disposal of bird, bat and rodent feces. CET is fully insured and bonded.

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Summary of Services:

COASTWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., is an abatement/demolition sub-contractor with specialized skills and equipment that speed commercial renovation and demolition projects.

  • Environmental Services
    • Asbestos abatement
    • Lead abatement
      • Lead paint removal & stabilization
      • Lead component removal
    • Mold abatement
      • Removal of mold impacted building material
      • Substrate mold treatment
    • Animal waste abatement
      • Bird, bat, rodent
    • Universal Waste abatement
      • Fluorescent bulbs & PCB containing ballasts
      • Batteries and signs
    • Selective Demolition
      • Soft (Finishes, fixtures, equipment, MEP)
      • Structural (walls, roofs, structural elements)
      • Mechanical (boilers, chillers, AHU, rooftop units, cooling towers)
    • Concrete Coring, Cutting and Demolition
      • Flat sawing, wall sawing, chain sawing, ring sawing
      • Breaking and hauling
    • Building Wrecking
      • Removal and disposal of entire structures above and below grade
    • Waste Hauling
      • Drop off bin service
      • Hazardous & non hazardous materials..
    • Industries Served
      • Education
      • Healthcare
      • Government
      • Utility
      • Commercial

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