Selective Demolition

Coastwide performs more selective demolition in the Central Coast area than anyone. Our expertise in cleanly and accurately removing building material prior to renovation makes Coastwide the go-to partner for critical projects.

Structural Demolition

Removal of a structure in order to leave a clean buildable site is right up our alley. Coastwide’s ability to self perform abatement on projects requiring both abatement and demolition makes projects go faster. Coastwide is made up of a handful of DOSH registered (DOSH 58) demolition contractors.

Concrete Demolition

Whether it is cut, broken, chipped, or hammered, Coastwide’s extensive experience and high performance experience makes concrete demolition go smoothly and accurately.



Coastwide’s hundreds of thousand of hours of experience in manual demolition makes us one of the bay areas most experienced deconstruction and selective demolition contractors. We’ve got the special tools, processes and experienced work force to remove finishes, fixtures and equipment cheaper, better, faster, safer.

From estates on 17 Mile Drive to shopping centers in Palo Alto, Coastwide has performed selective demolition and deconstruction in a manner that gave projects the best possible head start and best possible conclusion.

Transport/Waste Hauling

To increase efficiency and safety, CET owns and operates our own fleet of dump trucks, roll off trucks and waste bins. We are a licensed hazardous waste hauler and carry $2 million of insurance with an additional $8 million of umbrella coverage.  We provide construction debris bin service to other contractors in Santa Cruz & Monterey counties.


“”I would like to thank you for doing an excellent job on the lead and asbestos abatement of the Old Morgan Hill School site. Your workers did an outstanding job in completing this project ahead of schedule with no change orders. This project had a lot of unknowns at the start. It was a great relief to me that when a problem came up your staff just took care of it.”
-Steve Pendleton, Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator.