Selective Demolition, Deconstruction, Surface Preparation


Deconstruction is selective demolition with extra care to minimize waste by salvaging and recycling building materials such as windows, doors, lighting fixtures, hardware, flooring, plumbing fixtures and fittings.

Deconstruction is slower and more expensive than crunching up a building with an excavator and dumping the whole thing in landfill....but it is much more environmentally friendly and can earn green building points. Deconstruction relies on manual removal of building components. The trick is to remove components as rapidly as possible to hold costs down, while not damaging the components being removed.

Coastwide's hunderds of thousand of hours of experience in manual demolition makes us one of the bay areas most experienced deconstruction and selective demolition contractors. We've got the special tools, processes and experienced work force to remove finishes, fixtures and equipment cheaper, better, faster, safer.

From estates on 17 Mile Drive to shopping centers in Palo Alto, Coastwide has performed selective demolition and deconstruction in a manner that gave projects the best possible head start and best possible conclusion.