Concrete Coring & Cutting

Flat Sawing, Wall Sawing, Coring, & Breaking

Flat Sawing

SOG, Elevated Slabs, interior/exterior, Coastwide cuts and removes it. Both gas and electric sawing are available.

Wall Sawing

Door, window, pass through openings to existing concrete walls, and ceilings are cut with state of the art high frequency equipment. No worries about hydraulic leaks from old school concrete saws.

Small Openings

Duct and plumbing openings are cut clearly, quickly, and accurately with our state of the art high frequency, hand held saws, ring saws, clean saws.

Core Drilling

New round openings for MEP in existing walls, floors, ceilings, or roofs are cut clearly and accurately with expert water control using electric and high frequency drill rigs 1″ to 36″.

Our extensive inventory and capacity means we always have the right tool for the job. We take safety and workmanship seriously. Additionally, our operators have gone through OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 hour training. We will take on any job from small to big.