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We follow specific work practices ensuring that hazards are addressed during construction

Soft & Hard Demolition
Ensuring the protection of your valuable investment at every phase of the job.

Waste Hauling
We provide garbage removal, waste management, hauling and trash.


  • Site Owner: Office Plaza Monterey, California

    GC: Owner
    Scope: Major renovation: Removal of wood, shingles and asbestos nicholite paper
  • Site: Del Mar Foods Watsonville CA

    Owner/GC: Del Mar Foods
    Scope: Abatement & demolition of boiler room
  • Town and County Shopping Center, Palo Alto, Ca

    GC: Novo Construction
    Scope of Work: Full gut of retail space in five buldings
  • Site Owner: Monterey Bay Aquarium

    GC: Owner Demo of display, including raised concrete platform poured on asbestos cement forms
  • Site Owner: Whole Foods, Capitola, CA

    GC: CM and B 
    Scope: Strip interior finishes (flooring, wallboard, ceiling) to shell for full remodel
  • Site Owner: Point Sur Historic Lighthouse

    GC: State of California
    Scope of Work: Strip lead-based paint from siding and trim withut damaging substrate.